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About RKS Illustrations

RKS Illustrations is a self-publishing agency which helps authors create and publish their books. All we need as an input is the manuscript and we provide complete end-to-end services of book production, book publishing and book marketing. RKS Illustrations was started by Richa Shekhar, an award winning illustrator.

We have helped thousands of authors create, publish, and market their books. We provide best customer services at affordable pricing and we take zero royalties.   Illustrator for hire

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    EveryDay Care for your Children ...

    Gold Mom's Choice Award

    Santa: How to be good -Behavioral Learning kit (Education Product) has won a Gold Mom’s Choice Award

    National Parenting Products Award

    Apollo’s Apology with Behavioral Leaning Kit wins National Parenting Products Award.

    Silver Mom's Choice Award

    The Book “Cinderella’s Magical Wheelchair” written by Jewel Kats, Illustrated by RKS illustrations, won the America’s prestigious silver Mom’s choice Award.

    Best Award Winning Illustrators Book

    The Book “Gabriella and Her Berry Good Friends” written by Jerry and Patsy Di Leo, Illustrated by RKS illustrations, has been a finalist for Best Award winning illustrators Book, USA.

    Ability Magazine

    The Book “What do you use to help your body” written by Jewel Kats, Illustrated by RKS illustrations, has been a part of Ability Magazine (USA).

    Oprah Winfrey Show

    Three of The Books, author “Jewel Kats”, Illustrated by RKS illustrations, has been showcased in Oprah Winfrey show.

    Annual Royal Dragonfly Award

    The book Pirate Gabriella Sails the Five Oceans written by Jerry and Patsy Di Leo, Illustrated by RKS illustrations, won 1st Annual Royal Dragonfly Book Award.

    Silver Mom's Choice Award

    The Princess and the Ruby: An Autism Fairy Tale by Jewel Kats, illustrated by RKS illustrations, has won a silver medal from Mom’s Choice Awards.


    We offer various illustration styles to suit every book. Click on the portfolio section of the website to view more styles or Click here.

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    If you want to feel how your book characters will look and how beautifully we can illustrate your story, buy a sample illustration now.

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    We are right service provider for you if you want to:

    • Publish Fiction/Non-Fiction/Children’s Book
    • Publish Black & White/Full-color book.
    • Publish your ebook on Amazon/Apple and other platforms.
    • Purchase Illustrations for Fiction/Non-Fiction/Children’s Book
    • Get Cover Design done for Fiction/Non-Fiction/Children’s Book- both print or ebook
    • Get a professional layout for your Fiction/Non-Fiction/Children’s Book
    • Get your Website Designed and developed.
    • Promote your book for better sales