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Book Creation Process

You might be confused with the numerous information available regarding self-publishing on the internet, but at RKS Illustrations, the book creation process is really simple. You may find it difficult to understand at first, but it is fairly simple and we will walk you through.

Let me explain you the various steps involved in points:

Step 1

1. You will be contacting us through email with your requirements and we will get back to you in 24 working hours.

2. If you have already decided on the total number of illustrations, you can let us know and we will get back to you with the quote.

3. If you need our assistance in laying down your book with the number of illustrations needed, you can send in your manuscript and we will guide you in that.

Step 2

1. Once the manuscript is laid out and the total number of illustrations is decided, we will be sending you the price quote for the same

2. We will be creating and signing a contract for work.

3. Once the contract is signed, a payment link of 50% advance will be sent to you. We accept payment via paypal/Credit Card.

Step 3

1. We will send you the requirement forms which you will fill and send us. We will get all the needed requirements from you through these forms.

2. We will need you to divide your manuscript into pages. If you need assistance from our experts you can let us know.

3. You will let us know the illustration style that you’d like for your story.

4. You will send us the illustration description for each scene/page

Page 1

Text for this page:
My friend Cathy took a bus hurriedly as she was excited to meet her old school teacher in a library.

Description: Cathy is Caucasian girl, age 19 years old. show cathy hurriedly climbing on to the bus. Her expressions:
excited. Background: city

Page 2

Text for this page:
Sam was nervous. It was his first day at school. Mrs Winson greeted him at the class door

Description: Sam age 5 years old, African American. Mrs winson is a 28 years old teacher, Hispanic, slim. She has short
hair and wears glasses, show her welcoming same with a warm smile. Background: kindergarten class. Other kids also

Step 4

The Creative Process

1. Now, once we have all the needed details, we will begin the illustration work. The author will receive the time schedule from the team.

2. First sketch 1 will be made in pencil and shared with the author for feedback. After approval of sketch 1, all the sketches will be made in pencil.

3. Any needed change in the pencil sketch will be done at this time.

4. After all the pencil sketches are approved, the final invoice will be sent before starting the coloring process. Once the payment is done, the final schedule will be shared with the author.

5. Color will be added to illustration 1, and after approval the remaining colors will be done.

6. Once the book is complete, we will be sending you all the high resolution images and their source files in one dropbox folder.

Step 5

About Book Designing and Publishing

1. The Illustrations created in the creative process are then laid out with text to create Cover design and Book inside design pages.
2. The cover design is laid out with front cover, spine and back cover.
3. The book inside layout has copyright page, dedication page, author bio page, and all the story pages compiled to form the complete book.
4. Last step is publishing the book on amazon as paperback, hardcover or ebook.